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  • Etienne Ravisy

How to showcase during a pandemic : discover the emerging music scene of Luxembourg

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

During these troubled times, it can be difficult to keep track of new music releases, listen to exciting young acts from across the globe and overall, to find the will to discover new stuff. As History has shown us, when facing hardships we tend to curl up on what we know, what feels safe, although unsurprising.

However, the music industry is still very much alive and not waiting for anyone. There are many talented musicians whose creativity has been bolstered by the recent situation and who long to be discovered by the industry’s best A&R departments. Sometimes, talent is born from places where you do not expect it, such as in the small country of Luxembourg. This small state is located at the crossroads of the biggest European countries such as France, Germany and the notoriously Europhile Belgium. From this wide array of influences, Luxembourg has developed an avant-garde and one-of-a-kind music scene, very entrenched in European tradition. amplify:LX, a free online event aimed at delegates and artists from across the globe, scheduled for Wednesday, 28th October, is here to help you discover this fascinating mix of cultural influences, which is too often overlooked by professionals of the industry.

The event’s purpose is to introduce you to one of the most impactful music scenes in Europe, with artists who are not constrained by any established standards and can create freely. It will unfold as follows:

  • 2:00 CEST: Virtual gates open

  • 2:30 CEST: You’re invited to take part in the “Pulse of Luxembourg” panel, which will explore the showcasing performers’ career plans, their challenges and the specificities of building a successful artistic career in a country outside of Europe’s dominant cultural markets.

  • 3:30 CEST: Showtime! Discover the 6 showcasing artists' cinematic live performances, which were pre-recorded at Luxembourg based Unison Studios . A very broad array of people and musical genres are making the line-up for this first edition of amplify:LX : Bartleby Delicate, Maz, Francis of Delirium, CHAiLD, TUYS and KLEIN!

  • 4:30 CEST: European Group Feedback sessions. Carefully handpicked experts from several key European music markets will give advice on their specific fields of expertise to our young artists and help them develop their artistic careers outside of Luxembourg. These sessions will be closed to the general public, but notes from it will be made available at a later point.

About the organiser music:LX

Created in 2009, music:LX is a non-profit organization and network which aims to develop Luxembourgish artists of all genres and export them around the world. There are four essential services offered : financial support for national artists, providing them with information about the ever evolving music industry, engaging in networking, and developing the artists abroad. Here are his words regarding his background and next Wednesday’s event :

“I moved to Luxembourg from New York last year, where I had the pleasure of working radio promo for a number of artists, from Flume to Major Lazer and Nick Cave. Admittedly, my expectations of the Luxembourg music scene were low, however I was quickly impressed by how motivated the artists and creative professionals are to build an industry here, essentially from scratch. That’s not an easy task and they’re doing it quite well!

Luxembourg has the added benefit of being right in between Germany, France and Belgium, a multicultural and financial hub with three official languages. The scene, though small, is growing exponentially and I predict is on a path to emerge as one of the next breakout music markets.

Every year, we have put together our Luxembourg Sounds Like… showcase edition which typically presents three artists in a different market around the world. As COVID forced the cancellation of events, we have the unique opportunity to present Luxembourg artists and music industry on a much wider scale through this virtual event. Come join, watch artists performances, and network with the top influencers working to build the music scene here (Crément in hand I hope). It’s going to be a fun afternoon dedicated all to the Luxembourg artists and the industry that supports them. Can’t wait to see you there!”

— Zach Glavan, Project Manager at music:LX

As for the concert, read below how the very gifted team of Unison Studios have approached capturing the genuine feel of a live experience by an original take on audiovisual recording:

"The approach was to produce videos that feel alive and provide a clear rendition of the artists actual live performances. That’s why we opted for a single moving camera for the sessions with a “one take” approach and

Although everything was produced in the main recording room of Unison Studios we gave every artist a dedicated setup and developed individual light performances together with them.

Produced over a few days with an amazing team of music and video professionals we made sure to capture the essence of the artists music & performance while providing a polished cinematic look and sound.”

— Unison Studios


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