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  • Elise Damême

Call for writers ! Pitch your article for the Logbook.

Would you like to write for us?  We're looking for new or experienced writers to guest write articles and opinion pieces for The Logbook, the music industry blog we launched along with our new website in October 2020.

Revolving around music from across the world, how to develop it, how it is perceived abroad, different music cultures and local music industry,  with our blog we want to shine a light on some international music initiatives or organisations that are in line with our mission to make the world a richer place through more music diversity.

We want the Logbook to be an educative platform for the music professionals around the world, help them to understand the singularities of every music market, and give them keys to understand it.

Surprise us!

Pitch your article by filling this form and we'll get back to you shortly!

Thank you!


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